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House of Espy is Kelowna’s only rental boutique offering all occasion rentals with varying styles. From brunch to black tie, our seamless rental process will make getting ready easier than ever. Our experiences stylists will assist you in finding the perfect outfit for your occasion. We source one of a kind vintage pieces as well as work with size inclusive brands to ensure something for everyone. Come browse the store, make an appointment for a styling session or search our online inventory to find that perfect look regardless of the occasion. We offer two way shipping across Canada, making our clothing accessible from coast to coast. 



Our vision is to be an inclusive, supportive and fun shopping environment. House of Espy is a customer driven business, rich in detail and distinct in aesthetic. We aim to offer trendy, classic and one of a kind options in a sustainable manner at an affordable price. 



Our goal is to decrease the impact that fast fashion has on the environment; by increasing the wear of a garment, we reduce consumption and production. By renting a garment, you’re keeping an article of clothing from ending up in the back of your closet or in a landfill. We want to be a part of making slow fashion the norm. 



Our community is important to us and we want to give back in the ways we can. We partner with non-profit organizations to help those in need.


Do I need an appointment to visit the shop?

Absolutely not! The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00-5:30 for browsing and walk ins. There will always be someone available to help assist you should you need sizing, styling advice or just someone to help you along the rental process!

We are closed on Sundays, but have appointments available to those who'd like to book.

Do I have to pay for a private appointment?

In order to best serve you, we require one of two stylist appointments be booked.

$50: A one on one appointment with one of our senior stylists. Curated styles based on your inspo photos, measurements and desires will be provided, however you are more than welcome to browse the racks.
(90 minute max)
Bring a friend! Each styled rack pulled will be $25 (maximum of 4 people)

I absolutely love my dress! Can I buy it out right?

In order to maintain and sustain our business model, items are not available for purchase. We do however have a last chance rack where dresses will be available for purchase.

How long can I rent an outfit for?

We have a standard rental time of 4 days. Should you need an item longer (vacation, an out of town event etc.) We will be happy to accommodate that, providing your garment isn't booked for a time within your desired rental.

Save on vacation rentals with our extended rental service. Reserve your pieces for up to 8 days for a flat rate of $30 on top of your rental price. Each day after will be $5/day. If you do not inform us of an extension you will be charged $20/per day for late fees. After 5 days, at you will be charged the full retail value of the dress (in addition to your pre-paid rental fee and any accrued late fees)

How far in advance can I reserve an outfit?

Items can be booked online or in store up to 8 months in advance. Need something last minute? Provided the item you choose isn't set to go out within your rental time, items can be booked the day of.

Can I cancel a booked outfit?

We are understanding of all circumstances. You've changed your mind or found something different. We're happy to credit your account with the full total of your rental to be used towards a new fit or at a different time. In order to properly process a return, we require 48 hours notice prior to pick up.

*For cancellations you will receive a store credit, which has no expiry and can be used towards any future rental with us. Please note that all rental bookings are non-refundable

I won't be wearing the dress I rented (it didn't fit right, I changed my mind, it didn't feel the same at home) can I return it before my event?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible on the day or night of your special event. If you decide that you won't be wearing your rented item, please return it 24 hours prior to your event and we will happily credit your account in full. If your item has not been returned 24 hours prior to your event we cannot accept it as a return and you will be charged the full rental price.

If you had your dress shipped, please note that we cannot refund shipping / courier fees.

I can't return my dress on time. What now?

Late fees are charged at $20 per item per day and are strictly enforced. After 5 days, at you will be charged the full retail value of the dress (in addition to your pre-paid rental fee and any accrued late fees). If you don't think you'll be able to return your dress on time you may add on an extra day for $10 per item at the time of booking.

What happens if I spill wine on my dress?

We get it. You're renting for a fun occasion! We want you to enjoy it. We recommend opting for our $8 rental insurance, which covers you for small wear and tear issues including small stains, rips, zipper issues, missing sequins, beads or buttons etc.

If you choose not to purchase the rental insurance you will be charged for any minor repairs needed upon return of the dress.

House of Espy reserves the right to determine whether damages are covered by our rental insurance. If the dress is lost during your rental period or returned damaged beyond repair you will be charged the full retail value of the dress.

Do you buy dresses from the public?

We love to have a full size run in all items available, but of course we love our one off - one of a kind vintage items. If you think you have something we'd like, please contact us at

What sizes do you offer?

We host a variety of 00-26 size outfits

I have store credit at Lost Together, can I use it for my dress rental?

We're happy to call Lost Together our sister shop, however, store credit is non-transferrable between shops!

The Rental Process

Our seamless rental process makes getting dressed easy!

-Pop into the shop and have a look around. Bring a friend or two - or ten! Try on as many pieces as you'd like. Snap some selfies and have a great time.

-Need a little extra help with styling? No problem. We have experienced stylists who are ready to assist.

-If you'd like one on one time with a stylist, please schedule an appointment here!

We will ask you a few questions including your measurements, and for some inspo photos. This way a curated rack can be pulled for you and set up by the time you arrive to your appointment.

-Rent it!

Found one.. or a few.. You can reserve it for your event date (either online, in person at the shop, or by phone!) 

Your rental period begins the day you want to pick up your outfit.  We'll take some information including a driver's license and CC to have on your customer account file.

-Have fun and look amazing!

-Return it! 

We know you love your fit, and someone else will too! You must return your borrowed outfit at the end of your rental date. You can drop your rental off to us in person at the shop, during shop hours
Monday - Saturday 10:00-5:30
Should you require an alternate drop off time, please contact us as we will arrange accordingly.

Please! Do not clean your dress we take care of all dry cleaning in-house so all you have to do is wear it and bring it back! 

Worried about potential damage? Please consider our $8 insurance to cover all minor wear, tear and spills.

How to Measure Yourself

In order to best fit you, we need your truest measurements. Please take careful time in making sure you have the following:


To measure yourself, it is best to use a measuring tape in inches and first measure your chest, all the way around at the widest point.

Next, measure your waist at the smallest point, all the way around the body, right below your rib-cage, at the point where you bend. 

Finally, measure your hips, all the way around the body at the widest point. 

For some other products ie. pantsuits we may require additional information such as pant inseam. We will request these if needed.

Terms and Conditions

Garment Rental Contract- Terms and Conditions
House of Espy (2023)

  1. Plans change, we get it. If you need to cancel your order, we’ll issue you a credit to be used another time towards another garment. Cancellations must take place at least 24 hours prior to your booked rental. Please note, we do not provide cash back refunds; credit notes only. 

  2. Change your mind? No problem! You can switch to a different available option up to 48 hours prior to your rental. You are responsible to pay the difference should your new choice be of higher value. A credit will be put on your file for future use if your new choice has a lower price tag. Please note we have a $10 fee that will be charged at the time of exchange.

  3. We do our part to ensure all items are dry cleaned, inspected and tailored/fixed if necessary. However, contrary to our best efforts we cannot guarantee each item is in “like new” condition. We are not liable for regular wear and tear of our items, as each garment has been loved by other renters just like you.  Please do not dry clean or alter the item in any way (permanent or temporary). You wear the dress, let us take care of the rest. Renters will be charged to reverse  alterations made during their rental booking. 

  4. Once the item is in your possession, you are responsible for it for the duration of your rental booking. This includes obvious damage (tears, stains, rips, missing pieces, etc) or loss of item. We will determine whether damage is greater than typical wear and tear during inspection upon return. You will be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement. Refunds or partial credits will not be given if rentals are returned early. 

  5. You smell amazing. Really, you do. However, no perfume or scented lotions are permitted during the use of dress. You will be responsible for associated costs to remove lingering scents. 

  6. We have a strict late return policy. Many dresses are pre-booked for another renter and are expected back in showroom by agreed upon time. Only exception is courier/mail delays, which will be determined based on postmarked date. Our $20/day late fee will be automatically changed should you not return your dress on time.

  7. By not returning your rented item, you are agreeing to pay the item in full. Non returns may be considered theft, and therefore your information will be shared with law authorities and/or collection agencies. 

  8. We expect you will treat this garment like your own. Help us keep the beauty, integrity and structure of each item in tact as best as possible so that each person has a memorable and positive experience in their rented item.

  9. We cannot guarantee you will not see your rented item worn by someone else at the same event. However, by providing as much detail about your event as possible, we can reduce the chance of two of the same dresses being rented out for the same event. We will not rent out more than one of the same dress for an event if it’s within our ability and can refuse or cancel a booking to ensure this does not happen. 

  10. Items being shipped to you will include a pre-paid postage box for you to return your rental in.  This is included in the price of your rental. Please be careful when putting the garment into the box.  If you pick the item up in-store, you will not be provided with a pre-paid postage box and we will be expected to either return the rental in store, or pay for expedited shipping on your own. 

  11. Booking a rental with us means you agree to the above noted terms and conditions. Please reach out should you have any questions or concerns regarding this contract to 

$8 Rental Insurance

There's nothing scarier than borrowing a friend's dress only to return it with a red wine stain! Think of us as your ever-understanding bff and apply our easy $8 rental "wear and tear" insurance. What does it cover? Any small issues that are easily fixable such as: 

- small stains or rips

- missing sequins or beads

- broken zippers / buttons / clasps

If insured, it means you will not be charged for any of the above repairs upon return of the dress. Insurance does not cover loss or irreparable damages. If the dress is returned in an irreparable state or not returned you will be required to purchase the dress at full retail value, in addition to any rental fees already paid. 

*Please note:

All zippers and clasps are tested by our QC team before leaving the shop to ensure they are in full working order. Any unlikely zipper malfunctions that may occur during your rental period are unfortunately beyond our control. We recommend adding our $8 rental insurance to your order to ensure you are covered against zipper breakage. 

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